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Based in Houston, TX

Release Date:

April 28, 2017



PC / Steam





DAB Studio 7 Darryl A Barnes Darryl Barnes Penguin Tales Cartoons



Penguin Tales is an EPIC, 2D endless swimmer where you will play as a young penguin named Gills who is born with an odd-red pigment. Because of Gills different color, he is greatly bullied by his peers and deemed an outcast by the Blue and Fairy Colony. Determined to be accepted, he sets out on an epic journey to discover the "Hidden Chest". The "Hidden Chest" is a prophecy about a 100 year old secret treasure chest located in the Amazon River Basin and whoever discovers it, will be the "High-King" of all penguin colonies. As Gills, you will set out on an epic adventure travailing through 75+ challenging levels across multiple worlds following the "Trail of Coins" all in hopes of finding the "Hidden Chest"


  • Story mode contains 75+ levels across multiples worlds - you travel through the Arctic, Amazon River, and the Pacific Ocean

  • Each world presents its own unique set of obstacles, dangers,  and creatures in which Gills must overcome

  • Almost every level includes a bonus area full of goodies and new challenges

  • There are exactly 100 Collectibles strategically placed throughout the entire game

  • Every 100th coin collected credits the player with an additional 1up

  • Deep Dive is the classic endless survivor mode that tests the player through endless-randomly generated levels with one life

  • Global High Score Leaderboard lets you compete against the world for the #1 spot


My inspiration for creating games come from my love of simple, yet complex games that are user friendly for casual players and challenging for experienced gamers. Super Mario Bros was the very first game I've ever played at the age of 3. It was the game that started it all, my love for anything "Games". Super Mario is more than a game, it is, perhaps, the Father of all adventure games, since most still use it's time-tested concepts. Fast-forward 23 years and you'll find the Father of indie games and my inspiration for Penguin Tales, Spelunky. Since its launch, Spelunky has been a trending frenzy due to its highly addictive and difficult gameplay. I decided to breed Super Mario Bros with Spelunky, then bred their baby with Flappy Bird... Penguin Tales was born.

Penguin Tales Trailer - Gameplay (HD)

Penguin Tales Screenshots

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